Avalos Detailing Services

The Detailing Artists

What we're about...

Founded in LA we're a husband and wife team that will take your mobile detailing experience to a different level. We know your time is precious, so we bring the detailing experience to the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to offer you quality, precise, detailed results which speak for themselves.

Our History

Our cleaning/detailing expertise has been influenced from our experience in the house cleaning business. Both my wife and I have been cleaning houses along with another couple for over 4 years (Jeremy+Mariko Wang|Cleaning) However our passion for detailing has earlier origins.

Ever since I've owned my first car I've always taken pride in not only preserving but also improving the condition my car was in. I would (and still do) spend hours upon hours getting lost in cleaning every inch of my car's interior and exterior until my car was spotless. Those early years of my detailing experience would help create the high standards we strive to achieve and maintain every time we detail a car today. We view your car as an extension of ours and therefore offer a service that is second to none!

We know some are satisfied with driving through a wash tunnel, or leaving their car in the hands of a small army of people who are rushing to meet a daily quota and could care less about offering quality. But if your looking for a true detailing experience, then look no further. Let the detailing artists at Avalos Detailing Services be your choice. Most of us have our go-to people for plumbing, mechanics, etc. Why not make us your household name for all of your detailing needs?