Detailing Packages

Exterior Packages

"J.T.B" (Just the Basics)

Our entry level exterior package is perfect for general maintenance of your vehicle.

This includes:

  • Hand wash and clay mitt/clay bar treatment

  • Exterior of tires & wheels cleaned and dressed

  • Door & Trunk jambs detailed

  • Spray Sealant/Wax (between 3 to 4 weeks of protection)

  • Trim conditioning/dressing

Cars: $125

Trucks/SUV's: $180

Shine & Gloss

Light exfoliation of your car's clear coat (or top layer) will bring a little life back into it, giving it that desired mirror like finish.

This includes:

  • Hand wash and clay mitt/ clay bar treatment

  • Exterior of tires & wheels detailed and dressed

  • Door & Trunk jambs detailed

  • All-in-One polish and sealant that will remove (50%-60%) of minor imperfections while adding a layer of protection (lasts 2-3 months)

  • Exterior trim conditioned/dressed

Cars: $250

Trucks/SUVs: $310


This is a complete turn around of your car's exterior (a complete 180). This is a luxury level exterior detail.

This includes:

  • Hand wash and clay mitt/clay bar treatment

  • Exterior of tires & wheels detailed and dressed. Detail and protection of rims. Interior of wheel well detailed.

  • Door & Trunk jambs detailed

  • 2 stage paint correction; (1) compound/buff heavier scratches/level the clear coat (2) Finish it off with a refining polish to remove haze from first stage and leave that mirror-like finish that you can't get enough of! Topped off with a sealant/wax to add protection.

  • Exterior trim conditioned/dressed

Cars: $600

Trucks/SUVs: $700

Interior Packages


Give the interior of your car a nice refresher to complete that 'just detailed' look.

This includes:

  • Surfaces cleaned/detailed

  • Windows and mirrors detailed

  • Gauge cluster, visor mirrors, entertainment console thoroughly detailed and vacuumed

  • Detailed vacuum in hard to reach areas, air vents, crevices

Cars: $50

Trucks/SUVs: $60


This is not just one level above our "Refresh", Renew is on a level of it's own. According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. That means that in a lifetime, an average person spends a whopping 37,935 hours driving a car. With so much time spent in our cars, why not make it a pleasurable experience?

This includes:

  • 2 detailed vacuum passes, one before we start and another after were done to make sure we get everything

  • All windows/glass/mirrors detailed

  • Detailed steam clean/shampoo of all fabrics, carpets, seat belts, arm rests, head rests, headliner, etc.

  • Spot stain removal*

  • Conditioning of all leather/vinyl/plastic interior trim, to leave behind a nice satin finish

*(We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, but we will try our best to visually enhance any stubborn stains)

Cars: $200

Trucks/SUVs: $275

When combining our "Refresh" package with any of our exterior packages a $20 discount will be applied.

Please note that prices are not final until a visual inspection is performed either in person or through photos. Based on the preexisting condition prices may vary. If any prior heavy compounding/polishing has been performed to your vehicle some of the work detailed above may not be advisable, as any further correction to the paint might cause more harm than good. Thank you!


4-Step Headlight Restoration

3 stages of wet-sanding oxidized yellow UV coating

Finished off with a compound and restoration of protection of the UV coating

$120 for both headlights

Scratch Removal

Wet sand of scratch (3 steps)

All-in-one Polish of entire panel


(prices may vary depending on severity of the scratch)


Disinfection of all touch surfaces of your vehicle (handles, steering wheel, shift knob, seat belt buckles, etc.)


Ceramic Spray Sealant

Infused with SiO2 properties, this sealant out performs most other synthetic spray sealants, lasting up to a year, giving you superior protection.

Cars: $100

Trucks/SUVs: $120

Water Spot Removal

Using a chemical process, we safely and gently remove tough mineral deposits from your car's paint, glass, grills, rims. We then follow this with a light all-in-one polish to refine any dullness left behind and to add protection.



(prices may vary depending on severity)

Wheel/Well Detail

Detailed cleaning, degreasing of tires, rims, wheel well, followed by light polish and protection.


Engine Bay Cleaning

Pressure wash/steam clean of the engine bay, all plastics, rubber lightly dressed with a water based dressing