Our Services

Hand Wash

We use fresh microfiber towels each time along with a mix of car paint friendly soaps designed to remove road grime that may be stuck on the paint to ensure we're not adding any swirl marks.

Clay Bar Treatment

An important step in decontaminating your car's surface. Using a clay mitt, or clay bar we carefully remove worn in impurities normal washing can't.

Paint Correction

Over the years your car will take on a lot of abuse from the elements/drive-thru car washes/incorrect washing techniques/random scratches/scuffs/etc. We remove these imperfections such as swirl marks from your car's paint by buffing or polishing the clear coat to remove heavier scratches and finish it with a refining polish that will achieve close to flawless results, leaving a smooth, glossy, mirror-like finish.


Protecting your car's clear coat will not only extend it's life but also provide a nice brilliant shine that's easy on the eyes and addicting to the touch. We use a variety of waxes and sealants that synthetic and carnauba or ceramic based to provide that extra layer of protection.

Headlight Restoration

Your headlights take a real beating from the sun. They're real troopers! They do a lot for you, the help you see at night, help you signal a lane change (if you use your blinkers!) So why not take care of them, and help bring them back to their former, shiny glory!

Interior Detailing/Steam Cleaning/Disinfecting

"It's the inside counts!" so the saying goes. How very true that is when it comes to the interior of your car. Of course we all love a nice shiny car, but what good is that when the interior can't live up to what's on the outside? We take the time to properly disinfect commonly used surfaces with an interior friendly disinfectant, along with the power of steam to eliminate any foul odors or set-in stains you might have. We also condition or dress any leather or vinyl surfaces that take a beating from the sun, leaving a nice satin like finish.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Pop that hood! Probably haven't in a while right? It can get pretty ugly in there. We got you covered though, safely we degrease and clean the inside our your engine bay.